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We specialize in single family homes and apartment complexes with more than 20 units.

Why Should I Submit my Maintenance Request Online?


The best and most effective way to submit a maintenance request is through your online tenant portal. We use this as our preferred method for reporting requests for the following reasons:

  • Requests are automatically turned into new work orders in our system and viewable by everyone within Uplift Property Management.

  • Multiple Uplift employees receive email notifications that show your submitted request and can begin to work on it more quickly.

  • It serves as written evidence for both you and us that we have officially received the request.

  • You can add photos that are automatically attached and linked with the work order.

  • Nothing is lost in email chains or missed over the phone. Everything you write in the request will be received by us.

If your maintenance request is an emergency, please be sure to follow the emergency maintenance guidelines on the Emergency Maintenance page. Please make sure that you are familiar with the Procedures for Requesting Maintenance section in your lease. This will have much more detailed information about maintenance that is your responsibility, potential charges, and suggestions to try before requesting maintenance.

If you haven’t set up your tenant portal yet, please take some time to do so. Click on the button below to request activation.
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