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Tenants Emergency Maintenance

We specialize in single family homes and apartment complexes with more than 20 units.


  • Fire/Smoke/Gas - For emergencies causing immediate danger, call 911.

  • Electrical/Gas - Shut off power or gas and call SDG&E 1-800-411-7343 or your local utility service.

  • Plumbing/Water/Sewer - For uncontrollable water or flooding, shut off water and call the Uplift office at (858) 449-7294 and follow the emergency instructions. Water shut offs can be located behind toilets, under sinks, or outside for your water main. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these shut off locations in case you experience a plumbing emergency.

In the case of an emergency, please follow the instructions above and call the necessary number(s). After you have called in your emergency, please follow up and submit an online maintenance request or voicemail on our office line. We want to be aware of all emergencies that happen after hours.


The following things are NOT emergencies, but will be addressed during the next business day or as soon as possible:

  • Heat/Air Conditioning - We recognize that this is a priority, and will make it a priority with the vendors to have the heat working as soon as is possible.

  • Appliances - If an appliance stops working, it is not considered an emergency. We will work to get the unit repaired or replaced as soon as we can. Please provide as many details as you can (size, make/model, pictures) to speed up the repair or replacement of the unit.

  • Clogged Drain - Call the emergency plumber and explain the situation. They will help determine whether or not the clogged drain is an emergency. In some cases, sitting water is not considered an emergency if it can be controlled.

For all non-emergency maintenance, please submit a maintenance request on your online tenant portal.

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