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September 13, 2018

Upgrading Your Unit

Why Upgrade Your Unit?

Upgrading units in various ways can steadily improve your rental property and increase the value of your rental property! If you are hoping to increase the rent, updating and upgrading is a great way to do that. Nicer units will also attract better tenants who will stay longer and take care of your unit like their own. Here are some suggestions for how you can make improvements to your rental property:

  1. New Paint. At Jensen Properties, we expect the paint in a rental unit to last for 3 years under normal wear and tear. When tenants are looking for units to rent, paint is a very obvious thing and having new paint can help your unit rent quicker. 
  2. New Flooring. Instead of carpet, we can use a wood grain vinyl, a vinyl plank, or even tile. These all last much longer than carpet and are easier to maintain. Tenants love flooring without carpet and can always lay down rugs in areas they want.
  3. Updated Appliances. Replacing old appliances can add a lot of value to your rental property. You can replace your existing appliances with stainless steel units to make them pop even more. We work with vendors who can supply us with good deals on units and sets, so please contact us if you are interested in upgrading.
  4. Refinishing Countertops or Tubs. If you have older, chipped counters or bathtubs, consider refinishing them. Refinishing will give the counter or tub new life for minimal cost and most companies will warranty the work done for 3-5 years.
  5. New Blinds. You unit will rent much more easily and quickly if you have working blinds in each window. 
  6. Professional Services. If your rental property includes a pool or landscaping, we highly suggest you hire someone to take care of the landscape maintenance or pool service. This will ensure that your pool or landscaping stays in good condition during the tenancy.
  7. Quarter-Turn Angle Stops. Many plumbing problems can come from old or broken angle stops. To prevent issues, we recommend installing newer quarter-turn angle stops so that the likelihood of a plumbing issue is less. 
  8. Pressure Regulator. Sometimes a pressure regulator is suggested to make sure the water pressure in your unit is not too high. High water pressure can be the cause of many plumbing issues including burst pipes, pinhole leaks, shower/sink cartridges failing, supply lines and angle stops failing, etc. 
  9. Smartlock Deadbolts. At Jensen Properties, we use Kwikset’s Smartkey system to make rekeying between tenants fast and easy. We suggest this on some, but not all out rental properties. We normally make this upgrade during our turn process since it proves to be cheaper than using a locksmith each time. Before changing any of your locks, contact us for more information.

How Can Jensen Properties Help?

Jensen Properties provides coordination for any upgrades or remodels you may want to complete. We have a long list of approved vendors that can provide estimates and do the work. This coordination is included for free with our full property management services. We can gather information, send multiple vendors for estimates, present those to you for approval, and schedule and coordinate the work to be done. If you have any questions about the process of making any upgrades or completing remodels, please contact us.


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